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Volatile Serial Command Method Setting

The serial command method setting (Disable / Hardware / software) appears to be volatile on the Wiz145SR. Using the configuration tool, I select the HW trigger method and press “Setting” After power is cycled on the WIz145 module, it reverts back to “disable” on the command method.

I am using Wiz14XSR ConfigTool Rev 1.7 The firmware on the Wiznet module is version 1.6.3

When the hardware trigger is programmed, I am able to successfully enter the serial command mode and change settings; but only as long as the module has not been reset or power cycled.

Please advise how to correct this issue.

Hello Huffman,

I’ll check it and answer you as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Hello Huffman,

I figured out the reason why the setting value for serial command mode is reinitialized after reset or power on.
WIZ14xSR firmware didn’t save its revised value of some fields, which configuration tool sent, to its data flash.
Serial command mode field is one of them.

Anyway I fixed that problem.
Its firmware version is still 1.6.3 but its updated date is different.
I attached the fixed firmware to this post.
WIZ140v1_6_3_140626.zip (25.2 KB)

Th official version will be released in July and its firmware version may be changed.

I hope you test with the attached firmware.

Thank you.


Thank you. The new code does retain changes to the serial command method. I now have a second issue related to the firmware upload.

I purchased three identical WIZ145SR modules. The module with the original factory firmware (version 1.59, I think) correctly uploaded the new firmware version. The remaining two modules have been previously upgraded to firmware version 1.6.1 (2nd module) and 1.6.3 (3rd module, older 1.6.3 revision prior to latest patch). The firmware uploaded fails when attempting to upgrade the firmware on either of these modules. The specific failure message is “Firmware Upload Connection Fail…” I can not downgrade these modules to older code revisions either. Please advise if there is a method to either restore the firmware shipped from the factory or resolve the upload failure.


Hello Kevin,

According to your error message both modules seem to have wrong IP address.
Please check whether those IP addresses are valid for making connection from your PC.

After testing with my suggestion, please inform me your test result.

Thank you.



You were correct. There was an IP conflict with my host computer. Once I changed the module IP, it uploaded without incident.

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