WizFi360-EVB-Pico - MicroPython

Do WIZnet have any documentation showing how to use a WizFi360-PA module from a MicroPython script running on the RP2040 chip (the RPi Pico ‘clone’) that is part of this hybrid board, please?

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Hi @DeeJay

For now, we do only support c/c++ SDK for WizFi360 + RP2040

Unfortunatly we do not have plan yet for Micropython.

But there are some reference examples for Micropython & Circuitpython user and they are all verified.
(It is programmed based on WizFi360 AT command.)

You can refer the below examples;
circuit python ref : GitHub - ronpang/WizFi360-cpy: WizFi360-EVB-Pico in Circuitpython coding
micro python ref : GitHub - irinakim12/wizfi360-EVB-Pico_micropython: This project is for wizfi360-EVB-Pico

Hope it is helpful for you!