W5500 TCP/IP with Zynq 7020 in VHDL/ Cant Send Data.

I recently acquired the W5500 EVB. I have a Zybo Z720 FPGA board I am using to communicate with my computer as an external server. My SPI implementation on to the 5500 is in VHDL and I was able to initialize all the registers in Common Reg and Socket 1 to communicate in TCP but as I am try to load data into the Socket 1 TX Buffer, I am not able to send the data through to Wireshark. I am receiving packets for the threeway handshake being established but no data is being sent. I followed the datasheet quite thoroughly for communication with the server, in following steps.

  1. Read 0X0024 and 0X0025 from S1 TX write pointer. (0X0000)
  2. Write data to the physical address I read in response to the above command. (12 Bytes)
  3. Add the number of Bytes I am sending to the address and updated the resulting address to the S1 Register
  4. Send using the SEND command to the Sn_CR.

I was able to initialize and receive all the interrupts and status for all registers except for sending the data and being able to read it on Wireshark. Could someone please let me know If i am doing something wrong.

If you do not see any packet then it is not data/buffer problem, it is WR pointer matters. As soon as you issue SEND command, if WR pointer was changed, chip will send something on the line. Check if you read/write correct register from the correct register block.