Not able to connect server after changing ip

Hi all,

i am using w5500 ethernet chip for one of my application. i can be able to set ip and establish connection with the given destination ip using tcp connection. But after establishing the connection i need to change my ip with different ip in same LAN and trying to make connection with same destination ip. But this time i am getting connection time out error while using connect function. Kindly suggest me the procedure for the same.

Hari Babu T D.

It looks like to arp-caching problems.

If you change W5500 IP address, The other-side may have the previous IP address and MAC address of W5500.
That is, The other-side can have a un-matched IP & MAC address of W5500.
ARP-caching problem describes more on Internet.

To solve it, You can wait until the other-side’s ARP table is updated, or You can delete the arp-caching table in the other-side with dos command propmt “c:>arp -d”.

Thank you.