Dear Team, may i get a recommended footprint of this part? in addition some information about soledring cycles, please?

Package is “48 Pin LQFP Lead-Free Package (7x7mm, 0.5mm pitch)”, see page 2 of the datasheet. This is standard package, depending on the way you solder (hand/reflow) you may select different pad lengths.

Unless formally confirmed, assume guarantee for one soldering cycle under specifications in chapter 6 of the datasheet. This does NOT mean you can not solder it 3 times and chip will still work, this means you have guarantee for single soldering cycle.

Chips are sensitive to heat - you may easily damage the chip even within first soldering cycle using soldering iron (hand soldering) with temp being out of spec.

Dear Eugeny,

Do you have any pdf. file with recomended layout of 48 Pin LQFP Lead-Free Package (7x7mm, 0.5mm pitch)?
May there is such also with recomnded reflow sodering profile incl. ammount of cycles?

This, this, this, this. Your EDA tool may already have the package you need in several variants.

And anyway you must revise these footprints and approve them for your soldering technique, and to be sure compare to chip specifications.

I do not think there will be such a guarantee. Because for this guarantee there must at least be a desoldering profile.