Two WizFi630 for passthrough setup without NAT/WAN


Is there any recommended setup where two WizFi630 modules are used as a Ethernet cable replacement without NAT/WAN?
E.g: <–> WizFi630 LAN Port – WizFi630 AP → (( WI-FI ))) ← WizFi630 Client/Station – WizFi630 LAN Port X <–>
In other words one subnet IP LAN.

The best I can find according to documentation is to set one device in AP Mode another in Mulitbridge. But that sets up a separate AP on the Mulibridge side witch is far from efficient. Also it blocks detailed setup of the client mode found in pure Client (Station) mode like “Greenfield” mode.

Would you recommend a different setup for our use-case?
If not, could you provide an option for the above in a future FW release?

Kim Tommy

Hi Tommy

I’m not sure exactly what do you want.
But, as your below description,

[Network 1 : 192.168.12.x]——[WizFi360 A]——[WizFi360 B]——[Network 2 : 192.168.12.x]
(Note) [Network 1] and [Network 2] should be same network.

Am I right?
If so, I think that the following is the only way.
[WizFi360 A] : AP mode
[WizFi360 B] : AP Client mode-multibridge

And, regretfully, there is no plan about another mode about that.

Regards, Steve

Hi Steve

Your understand of our setup is correct.

This means we somehow have to “hide” the secondary AP set up in mode-multibridge [WizFi630 B] and that we cannot enable the HT Greenfield mode. Hope you can push for an update in the future even if there is no plans :wink:

Thanks for the quick reply.

Kim Tommy