When would WIZ505SR-RP be available ?

Below link says that WIZ505SR-RP (2 UART) is coming soon. Any date ?


Currently, there are no plans to develop 2Port Serial to Ethernet Module.
When further development proceeds, we will reflect your opinion and suggest that the development plan be reflected.


I just received my WIZ505SR-RP.

In data-sheet here: Datasheet | WIZnet Document System
JUMPER J2 pins 2 and 4 are both VCC & pins 11 & 12 are GND.
pins 2 and 4 ========> connected to 3.3v
pins 11 and 12 ======> connected to GND
Above 3.3v source is taken from my main board.

WIZ505SR-RP ======> MYBOARD wire connections
pin 3(UART1-RX) =====> UART1 - TX
pin 7(UART1-TX) =====> UART1 - RX

This is my setup:


Now, I did NOT update/change the firmware in WIZ505SR-RP. With the default settings on the WIZ505SR-RP, how can I see the text on my PC? Will any server (tcp) will be run by default?