Which product would suit my project?

I need to remotely access serial logs from my embedded board. Embedded board’s UART data to be sent over ethernet and I need to access it from my PC. My PC is connected through ethernet cable (2 m away).

|BOARD’s UART| <===UART==> |S2E| <==ETHERNET==> |PC|

This board has only UART port (NO RS232). Can you suggest which product would suit this?

You can use Serial to Ethernet TTL or UART level.

Hi Matthew,

Can you recommend some part numbers for this?

Sorry for late reply
How about WIZ505SR-RP?

docs link: WIZ505SR-RP - (주)위즈네트 (wiznetshop.co.kr)


I just received my WIZ505SR-RP.

In data-sheet here: Datasheet | WIZnet Document System
JUMPER J2 pins 2 and 4 are both VCC & pins 11 & 12 are GND.
pins 2 and 4 ========> connected to 3.3v
pins 11 and 12 ======> connected to GND
Above 3.3v source is taken from my main board.

WIZ505SR-RP ======> MYBOARD wire connections
pin 3(UART1-RX) =====> UART1 - TX
pin 7(UART1-TX) =====> UART1 - RX

This is my setup:


Now, I did NOT update/change the firmware in WIZ505SR-RP. With the default settings on the WIZ505SR-RP, how can I see the text on my PC?

Hello, You can check debug data use UART0(J1)
I think, you should test first with the steps below.
Your PC <===USB to UART ===>WIZ505SR-RP <===ETHERNET===> Your PC
And you may want to refer to the link below.
Getting Started | WIZnet Document System


The getting started pre-requisite needs * WIZ500/505SR-RP-EVB. I dont have a EVB. I just need to know if there is default firmware in the WIZ505SR-RP module and what are the ip settings in the default firmware so that I can connect to the ethernet through putty.