Read information by software via ethernet

Hi All,
Our products build W7500S2E-S1 module in it and now we can easily read module information via Wiznet Config Tool.

Now our production has to test the functionality and our production auto-test tool may require the command to get IP address from module.
Is it possible that provide related network command to us ? (C#)

Does anyone help on this ?


I’m Ron from WIZnet HK. Thank you for your question.

We have a configuration tool develop guide for our WIZSE series (W7500S2E series and W5500S2E series)

For detial information, please refer to the following attachments.
S2E configuration tools develop guide.pdf (221.2 KB)
S2E配置工具开发指导(修改).pdf (230.6 KB)

If you have any question about WIZSE series, please feel free to contact our HK office.


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BTW, I can read the information so far by the guide with C#, thanks.