Woznet 107 timing

I tried configuring Wiznet 107sr from my CPU board, sending OP1\r\n and SV\r\n. I sent it without pause, with not
success. When I added some delay between command and terminator (CR LF) and between two commands, it succeeded.
So my question is if there is some specification related to timing of that kind. Also I noticed that some timing must
exists in relation between RESET and TRIGGER signals, but don’t know details.


I’m sorry I’m late to answer.

WIZnet command timing can’t be exactly explained becase it is difficult to messure the time.
But Normal configuration function are immediately reponsed with success or fail.

In your case with “OP1” & “SV” , The saved configruation value is not apply immediately. Becasue the configruation maybe not correct. If you confirm the value, You should command with “RT” or H/W reset.
“RT” command is to reset WIZ107SR.

You can as follow,

Thank you.