[W5100S-EVB-Pico]: What core is the driver running on ?

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today I have just received the W5100S-EVB-Pico and I could successfully get my toolchain to work. However, I want to use the W5100S-EVB-Pico for data acquisition purposes and therefore I have to know on what core of the RPI Pico (RP2040) the Wiznet driver is running on ? Is it core 0 ?

Will the driver be compatible with data acquisition processes running on core 1 ?

Any help is appreciated !

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Hello @opcodex64, this is scarlet.

In response to your question,
Basically CORE0 is used, and code addition is required to use core 1.

If you add the function below, you can use core1.
[#include “pico/multicore.h”]
[void multicore_launch_core1(void (*entry)(void))]

(*entry): Register a function to be used for Core1

and there are various functions that use core1 in this library file

There is an example of using both core0 and core1 in W5100-EVB-Pico.

Please refer to adding lib, how to use functions, etc…

please contact me if you need help

reagard, scarlet.

Hello scarlet.

thanks for your reply! I have just launched the CORE1 learning from the the example (“hello multicore”) in pico-sdk. Furthermore, I registered a repeating timer on CORE1 considering the alarm-pool to launch a timer interrupt handler every second where I print something into the terminal output. However, I could examine the same net speed (21-22MBit/sec) with and without activated CORE1, so I can assume the CORE1 is independently running to CORE0 (=WizNet Driver).

I think this post can be closed! I can post the cleaned up code, if desired.

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Hello, @opcodex64 I’m sorry for the late reply. I’m glad it solved.
It will be very helpful if your project is listed on your personal blog or on the maker site (https://maker.wiznet.io/)).

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