W6100 start

Hello I am new in w6100 and I must develop a project using atsamd21e17 MCU. The project will be a tcp client, tcp server and a udp server. Ip is IPv4 and must work with static and DHCP depending the settings. Please advice for a project I can use as a starting point and example

WIZnet does not provide examples using the mcu. It would be good if you refer to the example below.

This is basic IPv4 DHCP
io6Library/Internet/DHCP4 at master · Wiznet/io6Library · GitHub

This is basic IPv6 DHCP

io6Library/Internet/DHCP6 at master · Wiznet/io6Library · GitHub

io6Library is the integrated library for dual TCP/IP statck contorller such as W6100.

You can run this code on your existing project.

Thank you