WIZ752SR-125 error after 4/5 hours. COM ports are disconnected.


What would be the latest firmware version for this module?
could this improve the problem?
Thank you

Hello @WiznetSis

The latest version of WIZ752SR-125 F/W is v2.1.0.

Let me check about the problem you mentioned.


If they have this version.
And they have the mentioned problem

In this equipment with 2 RS232, does the “internal time” work independently?
As I said:
it only reconnects when turning it off and on (not Vcc). When there is no connection to the RS232 (it only responds to a PIN) the data does not pass and it loses connection with the clients (it is configured as a server)
Thank you

I mention this link I posted:
where the same problem had the modules
with only 1 RS232 (WIZ750SR-110).
It was solved when I installed version 1.3.3 in those modules

Hello HELLO…hhoooollaaaaa.
I understand your time and that there are others interested and in need…but
There is another link (also use wiznet internal mail).
This topic is important for me since I have had almost 50 of your teams these years and I need some kind of suggestion…
Unfortunately, the problem I’m telling you about has passed a few months ago…(and those who use it complain). I trust you to continue with your modules but if there is no channel more quickly and you refer me to a secondary channel for these issues over time “it ends up being unreliable and only for non-professional applications”
. What can we do?
Thank you so much

This is a proposal for improvement and not a direct criticism of wiznet.
We could add with another channel. For those of us who don’t use it just for hobbies but to work and sell their products as a professional alternative.
Thank you for your time, which at other times was very important, but today with the response times, they generate great headaches due to the commitment assumed by trusting in your products. Understanding that everything we find as a fault or anomaly improves its products and increases their reliability. Allowing more people to trust your technical support

Sorry for the late reply.

First of all, in the Configuration Tool, the Timer interval works independently for the two RS-232 port.

We tested with the WIZ752SR-125 for about 3 days, and there were no problems.

In the Configuration Tool(v1.5.0), static is set only to dhcp and the rest of the settings are tested with default values.

And WIZ752SR-125 F/W used v2.0.0 which is currently being produced.

I think it is necessary to figure out whether the cause of the problem occurs in the place connected to the WIZ752SR-125.

If you provide a file captured by wireshark about the problem, it will be helpful in figuring out the problem.

Thank you very much.
In order to be more clear:
version 2.0 firware (doesn’t matter the boot here?).
should be fine.
And it suggests trying to capture the data frame of the equipment connected to the WIZ752SR-125.
We will see if it is possible since everything is very far away and does not occur at the same moment>
We will report news…