Please clarify Firmware download page for Pre-Programmed W7500P / WIZ750SR

I’m using the W7500P with it’s pre-programmed firmware mentioned here: Pre-programmed MCU | WIZnet Document System .

As I understand the firmware flashed onto those MCUs is exactly the same as used on the “WIZ750SR” module.

The Firmware Download page (Download | WIZnet Document System) is a little confusing, as I see “Boot 1.2” and “Boot 1.3” twice. I’m assuming the first version is the one I need? And I assume I should download both the bootloader and the application firmware?

Furthermore, I’m a little confused by the W7500P’s boot sequence: Booting Sequence | WIZnet Document System
The manual states, there are three available boot options (encoded by the pins TEST and BOOT, however the manual only shows two. Is there a third boot option or has it been removed in some earlier revision?

The same behavior is described in the “W7500x Reference Manual Version 1.1.2” (
In part “10 Booting Sequence” (page 36) the manual also mentions three boot options, but only two are described and shown in the diagram.

When entering ISP mode to flash the firmware: should or can the BOOT pin be pulled high for the entire time I’m flashing the firmware, or should the pin be released after ISP mode has been entered?