problem of connexion with my WIZ550S2E

Hello… I have a TCP/IP connection problem with my WIZ550S2E RS-232
In fact, I think it’s at the software level.
I would like to ask if we need to flash it with bin and hex files before using it.

And is the WIZ configuration Tool with Bootloader 1.4.1 still reliable?

Thank you for your reply

Hello @Lahatra.nomena

Can you tell me what problems TCP connection has?

The WIZ550S2E does not require F/W writing because it is sold with the latest F/W v1.4.1 written.

And you can control the operation of WIZ550S2E with the provided Configuration Tool.

When using the latest F/W v1.4.1 of the WIZ550S2E, use the latest Configuration Tool v1.33.

Hello… I already have the bootloader 1.4.1 and the latest version v1. 33 of the WIZnet configuration tool.
In fact, I want to establish a TCP/IP connection between my computer and the serial port of my Telemetry sensor…
I directly requested the Rx, Tx and Gnd pins of the RS-232 port of the module, linked directly to the sensor.

And what I would like to ask,
Could you explain to me each function of configuration tool v1.33 settings please?

And what software would you suggest me to make the connection between the WIZ550S2E module and my sensor in TCP/IP by my computer, and thus to see the data exchanged between them…

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @Lahatra.nomena

For each function of the configuration tool, please refer to the document below.

And we usually use a terminal program called Hercules when testing TCP client and server.