How to flash W7500P to be exactly equal to W7500P-S2E?

I’m having the following problem:

I have the W7500P and I’d like to flash the WIZ750SR firmware on it, such that it’s brought to the same state as the pre-programmed MCU.

I used the following settings in the “W7500 ISP Tool”:

The Firmware I’ve selected is WIZ750SRv133_incl_Boot.bin.

The problem now is, however, that I cannot access the device with the “WIZnet S2E Configuration Tool V1.5.0”.

However the pre-programmed chip was working fine before I went to upload a new firmware.

Are the settings correct? Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @polemon,

I think the reason is option you checked (Erase All Data/Code Memory) in the “Step 2 - Erase” part.
When this option is checked, it will erase all data including MAC address and write a new firmware.

If you want to update the previously used firmware, set as follows.

If the chip worked before, I think you have a MAC address. You have to input the MAC address to the device.

Please refer to the link below for setting options and how to insert the MAC address.