Problem in getting data in device terminal using WIZI110 SR

Dear sir
I want to send serial data from FPGA kit to my LAPTOP ethernet. So I connected your wizi110sr in between FPGA and Laptop. But not getting proper data on your device terminal i.e. in ASCII(as shown in hyper terminal captured image)
I am attaching captured image of configuration tool, device terminal (when FPGA kit connected to my laptop with usb and when not connected to my laptop) and hyperterminal data. .( our baud rate of serial is 38400). MY LAPTOP IP IS send us solution as early as possible.
With Regards,
Varun Maheshwari
Research Scholar
wiznet.docx (4.38 MB)

I follow up this issue on below. please refer to below.
[url]Problem in wiz110sr in receive ASCII data]