Not able to connect to W5500 in LAN

Hi all,
I have an embedded board (STM32 and W5500). I have configured port forwarding in my router and DHCP range from 1 to 200. I assigned static address of 241 to W5500 module. When I try to connect to W5500 from my PC which is also in the same LAN the connection takes a very long time and the page is not fully loaded. Whereas anyone from outside my LAN (I have static IP) is able to connect!! How can I solve this issue? Is this an issue with W5500? Thank you.

Physically or logically?

How it is “not fully loaded”? Is there any pattern in the failure? Did you look at the Wireshark logs to see what is going on the network?

If you mean “anyone from outside” to be on the different logical network (with different masked IP address) then W5500 routes such packets to (and through) the router, therefore you have router IP address configured properly.

First idea is an issue with ARP requests/responses - PC, when locating W5500 on the local network, does not quickly get ARP response from W5500. However the “not fully loaded” behavior must not depend if requestor is local or on another network. You definitely need Wireshark for the further analysis.

Hi Eugeny,
Thanks for the reply. Here are some answers

  1. Physically same network. (my laptop ip is say (assigned) and W5500’s is static
  2. Page does not get loaded. For example, image(s) don’t show.
  3. Yes “anyone from outside” is different IP.

If I connect my laptop to my mobile hotspot the connection goes through and page loads in most cases whereas if my laptop is connected to my router the issue crops up. Hope you can suggest a remedy. Thank you.