Starting with WIZ610io in Arduino IDE

Hello Everyone,

I bought a WIZ610io network module to interface it with Arduino. My plan is to attach some sensors to an Arduino Uno and based on their readings send TCP packets to Samsung displays over Ethernet.

I downloaded the io6Library and tried to add it to Arduino IDE, unsuccessfully. I tried several different methods, like changing the location of the files inside the libraries, even trying to add it to the IDE manually, but nothing worked out sadly. Every time I try to include the header file to my sketch it says “no such file or directory”.

My question is: How can I add the library to Arduino IDE?

With best regards,

Hello Mageric,

You can use the WIZnet Modified Ethernet library instead an official Ethernet library.


If you want to use IPv6, this is a good reference. But some Arduino boards are not enough memory to run IPv6.