WizFi360EVB-Pico Bootloader Corrupted

Hi, When working with Arduino sketch, WizFi360EVB-Pico Bootloader is Corrupted and not detectable on Arduino IDE but can access the RPI-RP2 Drive when pressing BOOTSEL and plugging into the computer. I tried to use flash for the Micropython UF2 file and it works fine, but after can’t able to work with Arduino.

Thanks in advance.

when burning the micropython bootloader, the device detected in Arduino but was not able to upload the sketch, and once by pressing the BOOTSEL button, it went to a non-responsive state.

Hello, @Salman

Why do you want to use the damaged boot loader? First of all, it is necessary to use a normal boot loader
Wiznet provides an example of Arduino wizfi360-evb-pico.
Please refer to the github.

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I want to revert to the original bootloader as it was corrupted, From the repo, where could I find the bootloader file and how can I flash it? Thanks.

What kind of development do you want?
Is it C using Arduino studio or using a micropython?

you doesn’t need bootloader, if use arduino studio
The git I gave you includes a tutorial related to Arduino-rp2040.
And please check the YouTube below.
#377 Arduino Support for the Pi Pico available! And how fast is the Pico? - YouTube
WizFi360-EVB-Pico / 아두이노 IDE 환경 설정 / Wi-Fi 예제 실행 / 가이드 / 라즈베리파이 피코 RP2040 / 초보자도 2분 만에 마스터하기 - YouTube > It’s Korean, but you can refer to the screen.

If what you want is a using micropython and micropython bootloader
You can download it from the website below. (micropython only )
MicroPython - Python for microcontrollers
we are going to release the Python code.
It will probably be released around November 1st (Korea time).
If you’re going to use a microwave, please wait and use it.

Thanks for the solution. Flashing Arduino sketches directly to the board solve the issue.

I’m glad it solved .
Please contact me if you need any other support.
And if your project is successful, post it on the maker site (https://maker.wiznet.io)
I hope it helps other maker

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Sure, I will. :slightly_smiling_face: