Problem in wiz110sr in receive ASCII data

Dear sir
I am connecting your wizi110sr module with my FPGA with rs232 and other end of wizi110sr(i.e. ethernet) to my PC. I am using wizi module as server and pc as client. baud rate for serial is 38400. I facing same problem when try to getting data in hercules:

  1. I had tested wizi110sr on hercules software but getting junk characters.Captured image attached.
  2. I also tested my FPGA and it is working fine as I am getting o/p on hyper terminal when connected FPGA to Hyper Terminal with RS232(BAUD 38400) without WIZI1110SR. Captured image attached.
  3. I also tried all this by reset your wizi110sr(Through sorting sw1 given on topside of your module). I also tested same with other wizi110sr but same problem arises.
    Sir kindly check my problem and send solution as early as possible.
    With Regards,
    Varun Maheshwari
    Research Scholar
    Hercules captured image.docx (3.93 MB)

Is it working correctly in case of below?
PC <–(Serial)–> WIZ110SR <–(Ethernet)–> PC

If working correctly, please double check the serial configuration(data bits, parity, stop bits).
And then please check the serial cable.
Serial signal of WIZ110SR is RS232 level. So, please check the signal level of your device.