HTTPS with W5500

in my project I send data to server using https post method. In my code I use the module found in HTTP_Client example.
When I use the https I need to execute the wrap_socket(), but the RP2040 takes a long time to execute it.
Is there a way to overcome this problem perhaps by delegating this task to the w5500?

Hello, @Gxxx
What is the Python you used?
circuit python or micro python?

Hi, thanks for the answer. I use micropython.

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Do you know we support the HTTP Client example ?
RP2040-HAT-MicroPython/examples/HTTP/HTTP_Client at main · Wiznet/RP2040-HAT-MicroPython · GitHub.
This example use the ussl library and wrap_socket() in the
In addition, W5500 not support the wrap_socket()

my code starts from HTTP_Client example, and if proto==‘https’ the code executes (taking a long time) wrap_socket().

If I try to run the wrap_socket() function only the first request, without close the socket, at the second request I get the exception: -28928

Thanks for the help

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