WIZ550S2E Problem with connecting to network


I have a problem with connection to network. If I connect via UTP cable WIZ550S2E module to CISCO WS-C2960-24-S switch than LEDs (link and data transfer) on RJ45 connector on the module are OFF!
But if I connect between module and switch second switch TP-LINK (TL-SG105E) then it works - green LEDs is ON and orange one is blinking.

WIZ550S2E → CISCO WS-C2960-24-S / not working

WIZ550S2E → TP-LINK (TL-SG105E) → CISCO WS-C2960-24-S / working

WIZ550S2E HW Ver1.2 , FW v1.1.5

Can someone help me with this problem??


Hello @K-mont this is scarlet Team Wiznet.

first of all,
Check network band setting [TPLINK to WIZ550S2E] and [TPLINK to CISCO]
I think, [WIZ550S2E to TPLINK] NETWORK Band is matched
but, [WIZ550S2E to CISCO] or [TPLIK to CISCO] NETWORK Band is not match.

you want to check if it’s a problem with W550S2E, please check the steps below

  1. Set your PC to the same IP setting as WIZ550S2E
  2. Check if it works with PC → CISCO.
  3. If it works with a PC, please check your IP settings

Hello, @K-mont , Can you check one more thing?
[Cisco hub supports AUTO MDIX and is set to AUTO MDIX]

The W5500 (W550-S2E ethernet chip) does not support MDIX.
some Cisco products’s default value set to AUTO MDIX.
Additionally, if AUTO MDIX is not supported on the CISCO hub, it is recommended that you change the LAN cable to test. (Cross Cable → Direct Cable)