WIZ145SR: Only 1 client connection allowed per Serial Port TCP Server

I am currently utilizing the Wiz145SR and we have hit a snag. Previously we used USR-IOT serial to ethernet modules, but due to some concerns over country of origin, we have had to consider other devices, thus we are evaluating wiznet products. One requirement is that at least 2 clients be able to connect to each serial port tcp server. This seems to be relatively standard in other serial to ethernet device servers, but it appears that it is not supported by the WIZ145SR. Is there a way to enable multiple client connections per port? And if not, is there another wiznet product that will support multiple client connections per TCP server port?

Also on a related note, are these devices manufactured in Korea? I have had some trouble finding this information. We are trying to avoid using devices manufactured in china.

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.