Wiz125SR boot and first configuration

I would kindly ask for assistance for first configuration of Wiz125SR board.
Do I need the serial numbers to configure something with WIZSVP software first? I asked them by mail providing the mac address.
I wanted to test the board reading and writing on the serial bus with the same PC both via ethernet and serial.

  • I connected the ethernet to the LAN and the Serial1 to a serial interface of the PC.
    → I could not see any ip associated to the board mac.
    → I could not find any board with the configuration tool (do I need to configure via WIZSVP first?)

Could someone please help me with the configuration? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Hi @barbagelata,

You don’t need to use the WIZVSP the first time, I think.
WIZVSP is a tool for using virtual serial ports.

The Configuration Tool is for the device configuration. It’s required to setup the device.

  1. Which Configuration Tool did you use? Please check if you have used the configuration tool suitable for the product.
    The program for WIZ125SR can be found below.
  1. If you need to use WIZVSP, a serial number is required.
    You can apply at http://wizvsp.wiznet.io, and will receive an email with the serial key.

Should the board be detected automatically by the configuration tool? Because it is not.
I used the WIZ120SR configuration tool available in the product page.

why the steps in the mounting procedure are so different in the manuals between WIZ120SR and WIZ125SR? Which procedure should I follow?

Referring to the user manual for my board I cannot even reach step no 1 (verify Firmware version) because is not detected in the first place.

If you click the search button in the Configuration Tool, devices on the same network are searched.
(If it is not searched at once, you can search again)

Did you test by connecting the PC and the device 1:1 not using AP?
If so, please set the IP of the 192.168.11.X range on your PC before using it.

For example, you can set the PC IP like below and try search again:

  • IP:
  • Subnet:
  • Gateway:

For the manual, WIZ120SR and WIZ125SR have different board shapes, but their configuration is almost the same.
You can refer to the WIZ120SR manual for more details.

Thanks you for your feedback, I’m sorry but still nothing. The board is connected 1:1, I set the addresses like you specified but I can’t find the board.

Should I match something in the windows network settings prior to try again?
I hope the image can clarify what I mean

Thanks for the image.
But I meant to set the PC’s IP, not set the device’s IP.
Because the device’s default settings are that.

Could you set the Windows PC IP with 192.168.11.X and test again?

Thank you very much for your reply (even if with an enormous delay).
I connected both
serial and ethernet to the same PC and the board is now correctly detected on the configuration tool. I set the serial communication parameters and those are correctly uploaded as shown (I suppose).

I know how to establish a serial communication read and write from and to the serial port. But how can I do the same from the ethernet port? can you explain how to send for example an arbitrary command string from the ethernet to the com and vice-versa just to test the connection?

Hi @barbagelata,
That’s good to hear that the board is detected.
Are you referring to basic testing for the device?

I recommend following the instructions in the below FAQ.

It’s based on the WIZ750SR, but the basic principle is the same: (Serial ↔ Ethernet)
Hercules is used for simple functional testing. It can be executed multiple.

Set the device’s operation mode to the TCP server and start with the simplest data transfer.

Thank you very much, it works!
I have just a last question: is there a way to change the default IP addres of the board? Or at least the network segment. I have to set the PC to 192.168.11.X but I want the boards to be in a network segment that is already configured to be 192.168.1.X by our router.
And what if I connect multiple boards in the same LAN? Will they have different IPs?

You can change the device’s Local IP address with Configuration Tool (left side of UI).
192.168.11.X is factory default value. It can be changed anytime.

If the router includes DHCP, you can also set DHCP options to automatically assign IPs to devices connected to the router.

The IPs of the devices can be the same or different. You can set them up as needed.