Simple Beginner with W5500 chip

I am an experienced programmer with embedded systems, but very much a beginner with Ethernet and Wiznet. I have an existing design with a PIC32MX795 host processor and we have added a WizNet 5500 device to get Ethernet connection.
I can read the W5500 registers and they all have what the datasheet says they should have in them after a RESET, I can write the registers and they then read back with what I wrote to them so I am confident that my SPI interface is working fine.
I see there is an ioLibrary set of source files but it looks like a lot to read and digest and add to my project so my simple question is:
Can anyone give me a list of registers that need to be initialised, and what I should write into them to get the W5500 to appear active on my network and respond to a Ping?
Do I need to activate at least one socket? or will it appear without any of the sockets being set up?
Many thanks for and advice
EDIT : No worries, we had two wires swapped on our RJ45 socket, I’ve corrected them and the W5500 comes up in “Advanced IP Scanner” - now I can move on to get some UDP working…