WIZ107SR S2E Not Communicating

Of course. I requested our H/W engineer to support this.
He will reply here soon.

I’m sorry I’m late.
You can remove U2 and install resistors like this image.

Thanks Alan and Team for details.

I have identified the component placement suggested for changes.

Will update the outcome.

Thank you!

Nilesh Korde

Suggested changes are made and module is working as ethernet to TTL.

System is under testing, and will share final outcome by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks once again Rena, Alan, and everyone who is involved in getting issue resolved.

Nilesh Korde

Please make this thread as answered and closed.

We will be carrying out similar changes in rest of the modules with us. This will help us to use module as Ethernet to TTL.

Thanks for all your support.

Nilesh Korde

Thank you for the update.
Happy new year :slight_smile: