W5500 Send data to Multiple destination address

i’m currently using W5500 for my project serial to ethernet udp

i got problem when i wanna send the data from serial to multiple destination…

if one of destination is timed out and the data in the other dest that not timed out is doubled it seemed that in the socket TX buffer did not get cleared out when the dest is timed out then the data for the next dest get double

any one can help for this problem?

You definitely need to clarify what you mean, what you do (with W5500), how you do it and what you want to achieve.

Hello, @023-Mohammad_Syawal

normally, udp did not check destination status.
If you want to send udp data to multiple destination, you also need to make send command multiple times. (if you are not set udp multicast or broadcast)

And there is no timeout concept in udp… could you also check why destination make timeout?