RP2040-HAT-C build Error

I’m trying to use W5100S-EVB-Pico in C-.
I followed “RP2040-HAT-C/getting_started.md at main · Wiznet/RP2040-HAT-C · GitHub ” and downloaded your code and tried to build Sample project.
when compiling the project in visual studio, I am getting an error message.( Screen shot attached)

Followed Download options:

  1. download your sdk from git
  2. move to loopback folder in examples
  3. mkdir build
  4. cd build
  5. cmake
    Note: In the visual studio code -
    If we include Example Project mentioned in the Directory (RP2040-HAT-C ) in the VS Code src under main.( c/cpp) facing compile Error.
    I have followed all documents mentioned in the guide.

Please provide the solution for this issue.

waiting for reply!

Hello @su1994

If you changed the structure of the RP2040-HAT-C project, you need to modify the file related to CMake according to the changed structure.