Wizfi210 connect with arduino via Spi

I need help, i have wizfi210 V1.0.1
i think firmware is
Does my Wizfi210 support SPI according to referrences above?
I want connect it with arduino via SPI. Shield has some spi pins :MISO,SCK,CS,MOSI,GND,5V
Can anyone explain me where to connect these pins ? If there is image of connection, please post it…
I have read manuals and some of them said to use GPIO19 and connect to another GPIO on arduino but on shield i cant see the GPIO19 pin
Also in the code which pins of wizfi20 are DRDY,CSB?

WizFiShield connected to Arduino via SPI

RST: pin 2 // Output
DRDY: pin 3 // Input
CSB: pin 4 // output

MOSI: pin 11 // output
MISO: pin 12 // input
SCK: pin 13 // out

I need to know the connection circuit of wizfi210 with arduino via SPI

Sorry for my english…

Hello toum

Please refer to the below.

There are some f/w versions about WizFi210.
And you need WizFi210-SPI-F/W-version.