W71000A DNS connection problems

I have a technical question about resolving an IP from DNS

In our product we use the chip W71000A for about 4 years now.

The problem we encounter is that when we use a DNS at the Remote IP/hostname the module has problems to connect.

Using the IP it connects immediately but not entering the DNS name.

I dont understand why the module has problems connecting via a DNS hostname?

Looking at the forums we found this topic about a bug in the DNS resolving on one of the wizznet modules. different chip than we use.

Bugs in DNS.c - TCP/IP Chip / W5500 - WIZnet Developer Forum

Do you know if there was a problem with the firmware in the past for the W71000A chip we use in our hardware?

We do not develop firmware on the W71000, we use it with the standard preloaded FW

Info on settings below in the added image.

Anny help or information is appreciated.

Thank you