W5500-EVB-Pico PCB Footprint

Hi there,
I’m looking to include the W5500 in a home project and was wondering if you would be sharing a PCB footprint? I’ve had a look online and couldn’t find anything.

Thanks for your time!

Maybe worth buying already available and assembled module from WIZnet?

Hi Eugeny,
I have already bought a few. I don’t want to copy it component for component. I just want to be able to easily import the whole board onto a pcb design so that I have everything lined up correctly and don’t have to do a bunch of measuring.

Hello, i used the PICO footprint and modified it.
Then used the w5100s 3D file.

I also made a footprint without through holes.

w5500_footprint_kicad.zip (1.1 MB)

Hi Ashwin,
Thank you so much for sharing this, incredlbly kind of you.
You’ve saved me a lot of time!
Have a great day,