[W5500 SPI Issue] No Response On MISO

Hi all,
I am working on MCU conmmunicate with W5500. There is a problem that It doesn’t respond to anything no matter what command I send.
Anyone can help me? thanks.

I try to set BaudRate 50M/8M or others, It’s no working. Problem is still exists

You can see that MISO responds to the command with 0x01, 0x02, and 0x03, thus SPI communication works properly. Simply the data being accessed (what SPI command is used?) is all zeros.

all of register return 0x00,

Why do you think they must return non-zero values? Read VERSIONR, it is guaranteed not to be 0 whatever configuration chip has.

i am having the same problem, i mounted a breadboard board and connected the SPI signals between an ESP32-S3 module and the ETH WIZ CLICK demo board and this works fine, i then implemented the same scheme on my circuit and the MISO signal does not never goes to “1” I see it go to “0” when the CS is set to “0”, but I never see it go to “1”

this is the schematic of ET_WIZ_CLICK: https://download.mikroe.com/documents/add-on-boards/click/eth-wiz/ETH_Wiz_Click_v101_Schematic.PDF

and this is my schematic:

with oscilloscope:

  • i checked on my board that the chip correctly outputs the 1v2 V on pin 22.
  • i checked on pin 37 (nRST) that I’m correctly generating a low pulse that lasts 100mSec (to reset the chip at startup)
  • i checked that on pin 32 (nCS) there is a low signal during SPI communication
  • i checked that on pin 33 (SCK) there is a clock of SPI
  • i checked that on pin 35 (MOSI) there is data trasmitted by my ESP32-S3
  • i enabled the pull up resistor integrated in the ESP32 module on the MISO signal (pin 34 of the chip)

but do not see any replay from chip, MISO (pin 34) go low when nCS go low and goes back high when the nCS goes back high

Can anyone give me pointers on what I could go look at?

If you look at this picture you can see MISO being low level before any transmission, therefore you seeing 0 after you activate CS must be normal. Then, as you send bits to the chip together with the clock, chip replies with 1-2-3-data. the fact that you do not see these replies may mean chip does not get anything from your MCU. Thus you first must look into SPI mode you use, if clock within spec and if all the wires connected properly to the chip.

exactly, I checked with an oscilloscope right on the pins of the chip that the CS, the clock and also the MOSI arrive, I also checked that the 25MHz crystal is oscillating.

but I don’t see any activity on the MISO

I have two boards (one ETH WIZ CLICK demo) that mount this marking code :


and the board where it doesn’t work mounts this other marking code :

i’ve also tray to reduced at 15MHz the SPI clock (the previous test i’ve made with 25MHz) but obtain the same result, any MISO activity