W7500P-S2E or W7100A-S2E

I’m searching for S2E IC (not module) and I can find that there are two variants - W7500P-S2E ans W7100A-S2E. Which one is more appropriate? I’m definitely searching for unit with lower power consumption and operating temperature range also under 0 degrees C. From this point of view, W7100A should be right model, since W7500P is not declared for use under 0 degrees C. However, I’m worried because on Mouser webpage is shown that W7100A is not recommmended for new design - is planning that this model will be out of production in near future?
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Hello, I’m WIZnet Matthew.
There are currently no plans to discontinue the W7100A-S2E.
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Hello Matthew,
many thanks for your reply.
Just a question - have you ever use W7500P-S2E unit at temperatures under 0 degrees C? Is commercial temperature range for this IC used for some reason, can we expect that something will not work if this chip is used at -10 or -15°C for example?
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