W7500 external programmer

which programer can be burn this chip externaly. For example xelte 580u usb programmer

If you want to upload the firmware, you should use the isp tool.
This link is about isp tool.

Hi, I was just looking for quite a while where to attach the USB<->Serial adapter to the WIZnet chip in order to flash the firmware.

I was expecting that to be explained in the datasheet for the W7500(P) or the W7500P-S2E (the pre-programmed MCU).

However, all the datasheets only mention that depending on the BOOT pin, the MCU either boots into the SPI bootloader or not. Nowhere in the datasheet it is explained how to connect a serial adapter to the MCU in order to flash firmware onto it.

Isn’t that a bit of an oversight? I’d expect that information to be present in the datasheet, etc.

You can find the information in the ISP tool manual. UART2 should be used.

Different vendors of programming equipment already implemented the W7500 programming algorithm e.g. SEGGER and PEmicro.

If you need a Solution for high volume board production, you should contact specialised equipment manufacturers.