Could n't get the serial data through WIZ505SR-RP


I received my WIZ505SR-RP module (without EVB). WIZ505SR-RP is connected to my Hifive1-RevB board through UART1. Hifive1-RevB board transmits TTL level UART data to WIZ505SR-RP’s UART1-RX pin. I confirmed this through oscilloscope.

On otherside, ethernet cable is connected from my PC to Wiz505SR-RP module RJ45, I am able to ping ip (default ip setting of wiz505sr-rp module) from PC. I have set my PC with ip

Now, how to receive the UART data through ethernet?
Now how to receive the

i have the similar problem too. I am using a Wiznet w5500 evb pico to get data off a digital scale. I am able to get that serially. But i want the data to be send through ethernet.