Unable to sending data through Printer Driver

Hi , This is Ramkumar from TVS Electronics, we are Manufacturing Dot Matrix Printers.

We are using Wiznet Chip W5500 for Ethernet applications, now using NXP LPC11E36 EVM for POC. we able to print Text datas.

We have driver for printers, and trying to send data through drivers but no data is printing. Means graphics data not able to communicate, supports only Text.

Please suggest what is the issues, what has to correct in the Firmware.

Thanks in advance

It is difficult to modify your firmware due to company policy.
Please check if 0x04 appears when you read the register below with the W5500 connected by SPI.
VERSIONR (W5500 Chip Version Register) [R] [0x0039] [0x04]

In main.c we have to check the 0x04 ?

Sounds like TVS Electronics needs B2B FAE support.

Yes,we need B2B support.