w5500 bad behavour depends on pcb model

Hi everyone. ive bought 2 pcb modules with w5500 and one of them have problems.

1)pcb 1 (blue rectangular module with 2x4 pin header). programs ok, ping ok, but when i try to work with tcp stack (loopback example) - it closes tcp connection unexpectedly(other side is windows c# app)
2) small pcb that has rj45 connector and w5500 separated underneath of it.
works fine (tcp works brilliant) without any issues.

both boards are connected with stm32 mcu boards (blackpill)

also there are 2 types of connection for both boards

  1. is crossover cable to separated network card
  2. straight cable to unguided network hub

blue board has problems with connection through network hub and small board hasnt

so what can cause those problems with blue board?