Building Source Code with STM32CubeIDE


I need to change the default IP address and Gateway to match my network. I downloaded the source code from this link: GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ550web: Webserver application with W5500 for things (Non-OS)

When I try to build the project, this message appears on the console:
**** Build of configuration WIZ550web_App_HW_Rev1.1 for project WIZ550web_App ****
Nothing to build for project WIZ550web_App

On the Problems tab, there is one Error:
Program “-E” not found in PATH

When I go to Project → Properties → C/C++ build, it says:
Orphaned configuration. No base extension cfg exists for ilg.gnuarmeclipse.managedbuild.cross.config.elf.debug.1456147653.1084423091

Somebody please help me with this.