Multiple clients with WIZ750SR


I have 10 modules WIZ750SR.
During the testing, I realize that this module just supports 1 client when it is in the TCP Server mode.
What I want it to increase the maximum clients that it can support upto the maximum numbers within its processing limitation.
Is there any available firmwares that I can use or I have to switch to another chips or modules?

I have used USR-TCP232 for a few months and it allows multiple clients. However, I am looking for the alternatives because of some reasons. I hope you guys can have some time to help on this issue.



It is a big thank if anyone can instruct how to change the socket function in the firmware: reducing the sockets used for UDP and incresing the one used for TCP clients GitHub - Wiznet/WIZ750SR: WIZnet Serial to Ethernet(S2E) module based on W7500 chip, WIZ107/108SR S2E compatible device


Hi, @bigboy061293

Currently, WIZ750SR support only 7 sockets and you can use 5,6 as you want.
Other socket already defined as config function. (socket 0 is data socket)

main socket function is in seg.c
you can refer the do_seg() to make your own socket.

If you want 1 more socket, you can control socket memory size as 2KB for socket 0 in main.c,
then you can open socket 5,6,7

Hi @lawrence
Thanks for the response, it is good to know that the chip is reserved for this purpose. However, how can I conduct a NRE for my purpose?


This is opensource. You can make your own application based on this code.
you can refer the function, void proc_SEG_tcp_client(uint8_t sock) in seg.c