Two Telnet server

I’m begineer Wiznet’s product w5200.
I’m trying to run two telnet server with two w5200 in STM32F103 MCU.
It use the SPI1, SPI2. ( by reference W5200E01_M3)
And I’m test each telnet server with modified W5200_Telent_SampleCode.

in this, I have a question?

  1. How can I run two server at same time?
  2. In the code in W5200.c

u8 IINCHIP_SpiSendData(uint8 dat)

I want to return SPI1_SendByte(dat) or SPI2_SendByte(dat) according to connect server (telent1, telent2).

Could you help me!

I was answerd to you in korean-forum.

Thank you.

Thanks a lot