Problem with Ping w5100


When i connect this shield, with 5.5v, lights pwr-link-spd-fdx are on, rx blink some times, and tx less often.

  • On the code i spécified an ip address fix, subnet and gateway.
    gateway (router):

  • my router ( is operationnal and have i good configuration

=> the router detect the link on 100M, but nothing else (i don’t see the ip on list of computer who are connected)
=> if a ping the adress (the shield w5100), it says “host unreachable”, but i see that the rx’s led blink at the same time.

I have connect the shield on pin 50,51,52,53 on my arduino mega 2560.

What’s the problem ?

Sorry for my bad english

Test with direct connection between W5100 and PC without gateway.
When directly connected, Check Link and ACT(TX or RX) led turns on.
First your PC’s network configuration should be same network as W5100’s ones.

Thank you.


Thank for your reply.

I would make a video after work

the Rx blink some times, but tx never

statistics from my router on port lan

Compteur octets émis 30.66 KB
Collisions 0
Compteur octets reçus 592.00 B
Erreurs FCS 0

tx_good_bytes = 372859
tx_collisions = 0
tx_unicast_pkts = 10
tx_multicast_pkts = 981
tx_broadcast_pkts = 1390
rx_good_bytes = 12950
rx_fcs_errors = 0
rx_unicast_pkts = 175

someone have i little code (arduino) for checking the register of the w5100 shield ?


If RX LED is blinked by ping-requset, The connected cable have no problem.

It seems to be likely to be wrong network infomation configured into shield.

Check the SPI connection between AVR & shield.
And then, Test to read and write W5100 registers in shield.

First, Check “the SPI read/wrtie operation works fine”.

Thank you.

i have the same problem…
and how can i Test to read and write W5100 registers in shield?
best regards

On wiznet site you can found generic C++ library here
[url][/url] for read and write registers.
Download W5100 app note here [url][/url] for see how use driver library ( see DHCP and DNS examples first )

For arduino libs and how to use W5100 shield can see here: