How do you configure AND monitor SPI-to-ethernet traffic?

I’m going to try to make this succinct as possible.

In short, I know with certainty that I have everything wired up correctly between the F28003x MCU and the WIZ550io device. I’ve programmed the MCU to send out clock signals (50MHz) and can see data on the MOSI line with an oscilloscope.

Furthermore, I can ping the WIZ550io @ so I’ve verified that connection. the amber and green LEDs light up when I ping the device.

My only problem is…when I’m sending data from the MCU to the WIZ550io down the MOSI line, I do not see any pcap traffic coming down the ethernet line via WireShark.

Lastly, I’ve searched and searched, but I don’t see a way where I am able to program the WIZ550io to tell it to route traffic from SPI to ethernet and vice versa.

Why isn’t my WIZ550io automatically forwarding the data packets from the MOSI line to the ethernet module? The SPI data on the MOSI data is simply 0x0000, 0x0001, 0x0002, 0x0003…0xFFFF, 0x0000, etc