communication between atmega328p to w5100

Hello everyone,
I designed an electric circuit, the purpose of which is to read information from several sensors in the circuit, and I want to share the information from the sensors on the network.
The problem is that I connected the RJ-45 cable and there is no communication, and the LEDs do not flash.
What is the reason for this? Maybe the W5100 component needs to be initialized?

A number of reasons. First is you must operate RESET pin to properly reset chip on power on. Then may it happen you confused RJ-45 assembly pins? Then - does SPI communication work?

Can you tell me what to do about the reset pin?
I didn’t connect well?
And regarding the rj-45 connector, I was not confused.
Is it necessary to do a certain initialization for the component? (some kind of burning)

You have reset pin not connected anywhere on the circuit diagram. I would recommend resetting the chip using MCU, according to the datasheet, or at least put RC reset circuit (at best with Schmitt trigger).

Did you check if it works even there’s no PHY connection indication?

I connected the reset pin of w5100 to reset pin of my MCU atmega328p…is still doesn’t working.
The spi communication is working.

Ok, your PHY circuit is wrong. Please refer to the W5100 hardware design guide for proper circuit diagram.

Can you show me exactly where the mistake is?

Compare your RX and TX design to the sample in WIZnet documentation. RD channel’s center of transformer.