W5500x2: One for TCP and one for MQTT (on STM32G474QET)

Hello everybody,

I would like to have a feedback on my system and its feasibility:

I have an STM32G474QET, connected in SPI to W5500 that I managed to initialize and run with TCP-IP protocol. I communicate with a Weintek panel and everything works fine.

I would like to implement some protocol (I choose MQTT because of speed and size of data) to let some variables of the uC visible and accessible from the internet.
I was thinking about the same SPI connected to another W5500 (with a different chip select) and over it the MQTT protocol with the Wiznet library, but I have two problems:

  1. It seems to me that those libraries only work with STM32Fx, could you tell me if it is so?

  2. I don’t know how to use W5500 function to access to different W5500 objects.

Probably there is something in my architecture that doesn’t work. Could you help me please?
Thank you