how do i invoke the w5500 drivers?

For example, if I invoke WIZCHIP_WRITE() and I provide it an address and a wb, do i need to provide it a master address or a slave (w5500) address?

If I provide it a slave address, i dont think it will make it to the slave since it needs to write something to the SPIDAT register. However, if I provide it the master address, then it wont know which address to send it to on the slave.

beyond what is in the ioLibrary.chm help file, more information on the syntax of what is expected for these functions would be greatly appreciated

The WIZCHIP_WRITE() function allows the MCU (Master) to control the W5500 (Slave) chip.

For more information, please refer to our datasheet.

thank you. i’ve read the data sheet many times. it does not say whether i need to provide the WIZCHIP_WRITE() function an MCU address or a W5500 address. Furthermore, neither have 32 bit addresses which is what this function is expecting (os atleast it is converting what i give it into an uint32 type)

so in conclusion, do i need to provide this function with an MCU register address, or a W5500 address?

ioLibrary: Basic I/O function


void WIZCHIP_WRITE ( uint32_t AddrSel,
uint8_t wb

It writes 1 byte value to a register.


AddrSel Register address
wb Write data


It writes 1 byte value to a register.

Definition at line 47 of file w5100s.c.

To control the W5500, you must write and read registers in the W5500 internal address area. It is separate from the MCU memory.