No broadcast via config tool with two NICs enabled

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to search a WIZ107SR with a UDP broadcast via the config tool (v1.4.4.1).

Having only one active network adapter everything works fine. But when I activate a second one and redo the broadcast:

I found out that the problem is to send a second broadcast with the address. When I change it to lets say everything works fine.

Anybody who has some info about a problem like that? I was trying to find a topic related to my problem but couldn’t find any.

Thanks for any kind of help!


Hi Markus,
I guess it caused by priority of network adapters. (Metric)
it can be seen using ‘route print’ command on windows command console (can be entered by using a ‘cmd’ command)
Please Try adjusting each adapter’s ‘interface metric’ value in IP Settings tab (in Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties).
(notice: lower metric means higher priority of network adapters)

Please refer to ‘How to change the interface metric on a network adapter’ in next link:


Hi Eric,

first, thanks for the ‘metric’ hint! 10 points out of 10.

Still, if there is more than one adapter installed on the system, the broadcast is send only once, via the adapter with the highest priority.

This has to do something with the address: the broadcast message is send to. If I specify the adapter on the multicast socket and change the address to let’s say: the message is actually send via all adapters. Doing the same with the original address only sends it to the most prior adapter.

Do you have any hint on that one, too?