W5100S-EVB-Pico DHCP example uses wrong MAC address

If I try the dhcp_dns example, it uses the wrong MAC address. When it does the DHCP, it uses the MAC address 00:08:dc:00:00:00, which is different than the address in the g_net_info struct. What this means is that in my application, all the units will use the same MAC address, and thus get the same IP address, and pandemonium will result :frowning:
This occurs on first run after reprogramming and on cycling the power.
I do find that if I push the “RUN” button, the program will restart and use the correct MAC address from g_net_info.mac.
How do I modify the program to work correctly?

If I recall library reads address into the structure and writes it back into the chip, thus struct you set may be rewritten before it is used as you want. Therefore before using the chip you must explicitly call routine to set MAC address within the chip, not (only) set it in the structure. Dig into the library to find it out.

Yes, I should have investigated before complaining.
I put my code to set the MAC address in g_net_info.mac after the call to wizchip_dhcp_init();
and things seem to be much better.