W5500 TCT Pull-up resistor Wattage


On the w5500_evb the TCT has a 10R pull-up resistor for the center tap of the transformer within the magjack.

What should the minimum power rating be for this resistor as there is no mention of it in the datasheet or EVB schematic.

Also what should the power rating be for the 49.9R pull-up resistors for TXP, TXN? if these are driven low for any extended period of time the current would be 3.3/49.9 = 66mA and ~218mW.


Probably this and this will help. Second source says R41: RES, 0 ohm, 5%, 0.1W, 0603 and R39, R40, R42, R43 RES, 49.9 ohm, 1%, 0.063W, 0402.

I do not think so. There’s very high frequency differential signal in the wires.