W7500P-SE2 clock 8MHz or 12MHz

What is the correct external crystal frequency to use with W7500P-SE2 firmware?
One reference design shows 8MHz but another one shows 12MHz.

W7500P has 8MHz internal OSC. and it recommends 8~24MHz external OSC or Crystals. Both are correct you can choose those crystal.

Thank you for confirming. Just to make sure does that mean that the SE2 firmware work OK with any clock speed in the range 8~24MHz without need to change settings? In case we purchase the W7500P-SE2 version device with firmware already programmed then it will work OK with any clock speed in that range.

probably, it has 8MHz OSC, you can check your program with it and make your own hardware. If you want, we can double check your own hardware schematic too.